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Paddy’s Story – Occupational Health

Paddy Trainor is a regular face at racecourses up and down the country, in his role as travelling head lad to Mark Johnston.  However, after an accident eight years ago left him with severe back pain, he was struggling to do everyday tasks and had been forced to stop riding out. 

Paddy initially sought medical help from his wife’s chiropractor and on referral for an MRI scan, he was diagnosed with disc impingement.  Paddy was desperate to get treatment but was worried about the significant cost of this and how it would impact the family finances.  Paddy sought assistance from his local welfare team in Middleham who helped him to access Racing’s Occupational Health Service.

Paddy tells us his story:

“By the beginning of this year my back pain had become intolerable, but treatment is expensive and I have a family to provide for.  I had heard about Racing’s Occupational Health Service following yard visits from my local welfare officer, Gail, and from posters that had been displayed in the yard.

I contacted Racing Welfare about the service and the team made everything so easy.  My first appointment with the occupational health nurse was done over the phone which really helped as it was arranged at a time that fitted in around work.  The whole process worked really well for me and Racing Welfare provided the financial support to pay for the treatment I needed.

"I am now pain free and I have even been able to ride out again and run in my spare time."

Before receiving treatment, I used to suffer extreme pain from the most everyday tasks including getting dressed or getting out of bed.  However, I am now pain free and I have even been able to ride out again and run in my spare time.

I would like to thank Racing Welfare for helping me through the occupational health service.  The process has had a hugely positive impact on my life and is still doing so now.  Part of my rehabilitation is taking part in The Great North Run in September 2019, where I will be fundraising for the charity.  I can’t recommend the service strongly enough to anyone who has had an accident or is struggling with long term injury.”

Update from Paddy, April 2020…

It was an amazing feeling completing the Great North Run. A year ago I could barely do my job and complete daily tasks without being in pain, let alone run. To have my dad doing it alongside me was also amazing. It was difficult, my mind was able, but at times the body wasn’t, the crowd and the support from everyone kept me going. And not only did I finish, but in good time.

My back is getting stronger all the time. I will never be the same as the injury to my back cannot be fully repaired, but with regular support to keep my spinal alignment corrected and with soft tissue work, I am feeling a lot better.

I continue to receive treatment as and when is needed. In the early stages I needed two sessions a week and have now built this up to 6 weeks apart. Racing Welfare have supported my treatment throughout and have really enabled me to keep doing my job and live a healthy lifestyle.

With regular phone calls they ensured I was receiving the right treatment suitable to my condition and I felt supported mentally and physically at home and at work.

I could barely put my socks on without being in agony and now I am able to do my job, take my daughter riding and have even run a marathon! For a long time I suffered in silence until the pain got too much, I would advise anyone to chat to the welfare officers sooner rather than later, I can’t thank them enough.

If you are struggling with a physical injury which is affecting you at work, do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Read all about our Occupational Health Service for more detail.