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Nadeem’s Story

When Nadeem Subhani was faced with losing everything, he made one phone call that changed his life. That phone call was to his local Welfare Officer in Newmarket who not only provided comfort and reassurance but filled him with hope for the future.

Nadeem, a former groom who once had the joy of looking after Royal Ascot winner, The Tin Man, speaks openly about the pain of losing track in life. He is keen to emphasise how Racing Welfare has helped to take that pain away through providing housing and financial support. He says:

“I was in a very, very bad situation – I had a baby coming, my wife was not well, I had no money and I nearly lost my house. I know this pain, I have been there. My Welfare Officer is there for me all the time, I say bless her and bless Racing Welfare.”

When Nadeem’s wife became seriously ill and was hospitalised in the late stages of her pregnancy, Racing Welfare was able to offer safeguarding support to the family along with applying for financial grants. Furthermore, their housing at the time was deemed inadequate and the charity assisted Nadeem with finding a new home. He adds:

“I lost my job and my wife was ill, she had a blood clot and she was close to having a baby. She was in hospital in very bad condition so I rang Racing Welfare and Gail was very kind with me.”

“I had got very backwards in my life, I feel like I had lost track of my life. They helped me to get a council house and to build up my home, they bought me a washing machine and a fridge. I can’t believe Racing Welfare helped me like that and Gail, my Welfare Officer has done a great job.”

Racing Welfare also liaised with the Zakat Foundation, a Muslim charity, to arrange further support for Nadeem and his family and the foundation helped to pay for his council tax.

“Racing Welfare knows where I can get help and they have put me in touch with other organisations who can also help.”

With this support from Racing Welfare, Nadeem has rebuilt his life and found work as a part-time Yardman. Nadeem, his wife and young daughter have once again found happiness:

“I am back on track now, I’ve got a job with George Boughey, maybe soon I will be full time if more horses are coming in. I am happy now. Bless Racing Welfare.”

If you work in racing and need support do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 6300 443. You can also visit our advice pages for more information.