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22 June 2020

Be The Best You!

To mark the start of World Wellbeing Week on Monday 22nd June we are delighted to announce the launch of our Be The Best You campaign. The campaign aims to encourage everyone in the racing industry to be proactive in looking after their wellbeing. This year has been challenging for all of us but this could be the right time for you to make small changes that positively impact your life. In other words, Be The Best You!

Through our Workforce Wellbeing Programme we can provide the help you need to support your professional and personal wellbeing. Perhaps you have a niggling injury that needs attention. Maybe now could be the right time to get support with developing your career, or even to learn some self-care strategies to help improve your mental wellbeing.

Our Workforce Wellbeing Programme covers four core areas of our service provision:

Racing’s Occupational Health Service – a free service offering support for physical and mental wellbeing

Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS) – career advice, training and funding for development opportunities

Mental Health support services – access to information and support to enable you to care for your own mental wellbeing

Racing’s Support Line – a free 24/7 telephone, text, Live Chat and Ask a Question service alongside extensive online self-help pages

Use Racing’s Support Line to get in touch and make 2020 the year where a small change has a big impact on your life. Racing’s Support Line includes a 24/7 telephone helpline, text service and live chat. Alternatively, access our self-help pages through our website.Whatever proactive steps you are looking to take in becoming the best you, Racing Welfare is here to help.

Racing’s Support Line 0800 6300 443

Text 0786 0079043

Live Chat or Ask A Question at www.racingwelfare.co.uk


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