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8 June 2022

Be part of The Clocktower Cup at Doncaster and sponsor a race

Be part of The Clocktower Cup at Doncaster and sponsor a race on Friday 1st July. The Clocktower Cup provides the opportunity for 12 stable staff to compete at Doncaster, a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, all whilst raising funds for Racing Welfare.

This year sees the sixth running of Racing Staff Week. Once again, the week will bring the racing industry and its followers together to showcase the passion, skill and dedication of all the staff, across the breadth of the industry, whose hard work makes our great sport possible. This year’s Racing Staff Week will recognise the contribution of the industry’s entire workforce, from stud and stable staff to breeders, racecourse staff and administrators and everything in between.

The feature of Racing Staff Week has always been the Clock Tower Cup Race day at the fantastic setting of Doncaster Racecourse. We are delighted to be able to offer a select few sponsors the chance to become part of the day through race sponsorship on what is a much anticipated date in Racing Welfare’s calendar. Racing Staff Week will be promoted to stakeholders and employees right across the industry with online and in person events and activities which all help to increase the focus on Doncaster on the final day of Racing Staff Week – the eyes of the industry are turned towards Doncaster as stable staff have the opportunity to take part in the Clock Tower Cup as part of the main card on the day and you have a chance to be part of it.



Bidding closes on Thursday 16th June.