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8 April 2021

2021 Grand National Sweepstake Kit

It’s that time of year again. Excitement is in the air. The Randox Health Grand National, the World’s most famous race, is just around the corner! This year you can join in the thrill of the race by organising your very own Grand National sweepstake. 

Great British Racing has created a sweepstake kit in association with Racing Welfare, to raise some excitement around the big race as well as hopefully generating some donations for the charity to support the work they do for those working in the racing industry.

How to organise your sweepstake:

1) Decide your stake (£2 per horse makes a nice £80 winning pot!)

2) Download the PDF

3) Cut out the 40 horse profiles and place them into a hat (or something similar!)

4) Pick them out one by one and write the name of the person on the back of each profile so you know who picked who

5) Allocate the winnings to those with the winning horse or horses and if you choose to, make a small donation to Racing Welfare for the brilliant work they do all year round!

Online Sweepstake

No printer? No Problem! Create your own digital sweepstake between friends and family using our online version.

Enter your info and the selections will then be sent to your email where they can then be shared with the rest of your group.